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Colloidal Borescope 

AquaVISION’s Colloidal Borescope System is capable of determining the spatial distribution of the local groundwater velocity, both in magnitude and direction. The observational capabilities provide the potential for an enhanced understanding of porous flow at the most basic level. 

AquaVISION’s Colloidal Borescope System provides flow data for stochastically based groundwater flow and transport models that more accurately describes the movement of contaminants in the subsurface. 

AquaVISION’s Colloidal Borescope System can observe flow at the pore scale which measure velocities ranging from 0 to 25 mm/sec, greatly exceeding even the fastest groundwater velocities in monitoring wells. 

AquaVISION’s Colloidal Borescope System, groundwater flow direction and velocity is pin-pointed so that you can accurately determine exact location and impact of "French Drains", Extraction Wells, and other groundwater treatment technologies. The colloidal movement is tracked as it passes underneath specially designed cameras and lenses. This information is then transferred to the surface where it can be statistically analyzed and graphed.

AquaVISION’s Colloidal Borescope System provides a direct means of accurately determining groundwater flow direction and velocity in a cost effective manner. The Borescope measurement technique uses existing monitoring wells for assessment and thus avoids the cost of additional wells and piezometers. 

Applications for this technology include: 

Assessing groundwater capture zones

Planning locations for monitoring and extraction wells

Accurately calibrating groundwater models

Tidal influences

Industrial hydrology

Gathering evidence for groundwater contamination litigation's

Evaluate "Cross-hole" hydraulic connections 

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